Eye Stye Tips
When you get an eye stye, you may need to follow certain preventive tips to stop the spread of styes:

Maintaining proper hygiene is very important. Always remember to wash hands before and after touching the infected eye.

Never squeeze or pop a stye, because the infection might spread from one eye to another.

Avoid touching or rubbing the infected eyes.

Apply warm compresses to the eyelid at least four to five times a day.

Keep the eyelids clean and free of oil.

Avoid excessive intake of sugary and starchy food.

Styes may also spread from an infected person to another member of the family. Use a separate towel and soap if you have an eye stye.

Gently clean the eyelid with a clean, warm washcloth everyday.

Visit an opthalmologist and get a Rx ointment or oral antibiotics. Apply the antibiotic ointment or drops regularly that your doctor has prescribed.

Do not wear contact lenses when you get an eye stye.

Never share your eye make-up, especially if you are prone to getting styes often.

Styes can be prevented by maintaining good hygiene, proper diet and relaxation techniques like palming.

Protect your eyes from pollution and dust.

Sometimes the stye may need to be surgically removed. Surgical drainage of the stye is necessary if the stye is not responding to treatment.
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