As with any wellness program, exercise is an important component. Exercise helps promote circulation and improves muscle tone. People with varicose veins need to have moderate exercise as opposed to more strenuous forms, such as high-impact aerobics, jogging, strenuous cycling or other activities that increase the blood pressure in the veins.

Walking, weight training, low-impact aerobics and swimming are a few of the preferred means of exercise, but anything that helps shift your weight or standing or sitting position will help. If you have a bad problem, take short breaks several times a day and walk around and stretch.

As we age we lose muscle tone and the skin loses its elasticity. Veins that are undergoing pressure from some of the factors mentioned above will have a tendency to bulge out and become noticeable varicose veins.

Any form of exercise that will strengthen the legs will help relieve varicose veins. Consistent exercise over several months will generally reduce the throbbing and aching often associated with varicose veins.
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