Eczema Natural remedy

Cut down on all non-vegetable proteins, sugars, oils, white flours products, and dairy products

Try not to scratch the irritated area on your skin even if it itches. Scratching can break the skin. Bacteria can enter these breaks and cause infection.

I have found that drinking tomato juice (not the cocktail) clears up the eczema in a matter of days. If you need to, add some pepper or your favorite spice to give the juice flavor.

Apply aloe vera and take evening primrose capsules and also apply topically

Moisturizers help keep your skin soft and flexible. They prevent skin cracks. A plain moisturizer is best. Avoid moisturizers with fragrances (perfume) and a lot of extra ingredients. A good, cheap moisturizer is plain petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline). Use moisturizers that are more greasy than creamy, because creams usually have more preservatives in them.

Make the green tea as normal, but make it strong. Add 3-Tbsp Of Lemon Juice, 1-Tsp ground Rosemary, One Tsp Olive Oil to One Cup of Green Tea.Let this cool. (not cold, just room temp) Bath skin with this. (Reccomended 100% Cotton Wash Cloth)
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