Do's and Don't for Jaundice
Following are some of the simple tips for jaundice:

- Avoid non-vegetarian foods at least till the effects of the jaundice last on the skin. Do not take even heavy vegetarian foods. The reason is that the liver needs to produce more bile to digest these heavy foodstuffs and this could alleviate the pigmentation of the skin.

- Completely restrict your intake of junk food such as chocolate, cakes, pastries, potato chips, ice-creams, colas and other aerated drinks, etc.

- Always drink water that is filtered or boiled. Do not drink raw milk.

- Do not eat sea foods especially oysters, unless you are sure they have come from a reliable source.

- Take simple food for the first three days of the jaundice affliction. Have a meal of porridge, especially rice gruel (kanji). You can flavor it with jaggery syrup or honey.

- There must be a complete abstinence of salt as it is a mineral and requires a difficult digestion process. .

- Do not give cereals and pulses to the patient as they cause inflammation in the liver. Grapes, black soya beans, nuts, sweet potatoes are the fruits that are beneficial in jaundice.

- Vegetable salad of tomato, carrot, radish and its leaves, and two-three slices of lemon are very good for health and very effective in curing jaundice in a natural way.

- It is advised for the patient suffering with jaundice to take proper rest and drink fruit juices.

- Bitter vegetables like bitter gourd and the bitter variety of drumsticks are beneficial to the jaundice patient.

- Alcohol is very harmful to the jaundice patient. It can complicate the disease with fatal consequences. Hence say a strict no to alcohol.
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