Chinese Herbs That Help Relieve Suffering
In Chinese medicine it is said that when there is pain there is stagnation of blood or qi, or both. This roughly means that there are various biological functions of the body that are not flowing smoothly and can often lead to or be the result of inflammatory conditions. For this reason Chinese herbs are used to encourage (quicken) the blood flow and move the qi. At the same time "clearing heat," i.e. reducing inflammation is a common strategy used to assist in the relieving pain.

There are a number of herbs is Chinese medicine that relieve pain by encouraging the blood flow and moving qi. Of these, Notoginseng, Red Peony, Curcuma rhizome (Turmeric), Ligusticum (Cnidium), Carthamus (Safflower), and Red Sage are some of the most frequently used herbs for encouraging the flow of blood and relieving pain. Notoginseng is probably the most famous for the treatment of pain and is also used to stop bleeding. Turmeric, Red Sage, and Red Peony are used for relieving pain, especially associated with various types of inflammation including, but not limited to arthritis. Red Sage is also very famous for the treatment of various circulatory conditions and is extremely important in the treatment of impaired circulation due to high cholesterol and diabetes. Ligusticum is used for many types of pain and is used extensively for headaches and menstrual pain. Carthamus is used in Chinese medicine for many different types of pain and is considered a very strong herb for encouraging the flow of blood.

Cyperus is one of the most important herbs in Chinese medicine for moving the qi. It is very effective to relieve pain in the abdomen and breasts associated with menstruation. This herb is very often combined with White Peony for menstrual pain and breast tenderness/pain in premenstrual conditions. It is sometimes also combined with Chinese Hawthorn for the treatment of digestive complaints such as pain in the stomach and intestines.

Chinese Licorice is one of the most frequently used herbs in Chinese medicine and is often combined with many of the above herbs to "harmonize" their action. Also, Chinese Licorice is combined with White Peony in a famous formula to relieve abdominal pain due to digestive problems.

Pain is tiring and Astragalus is well known to increase the strength and endurance of the body. Because healing requires strength, Astragalus is a very good herb to help the body endure pain as well as heal from it.

While pain is inevitable in life, suffering is optional. The above herbs are very effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions caused for resulting from pain. They are generally safe and often effective.

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