Causes of Sore Throat

Any irritant such as dust or pollen can cause the throat to become inflamed. If you happen to be allergic to the irritant then the symptom is likely to be worse. Inflammation caused by irritation can open the way for subsequent infection.

Viruses are the major cause of sore throat and in second place are bacterial infections. Generally speaking if the cause is viral or bacterial the sore throat will be accompanied by a raised temperature.

Viral infections: numerous viruses can be the culprit. Cold and flu viruses, glandular fever, mumps, measles are a few examples. Many of these viruses of course will go on to produce their associated systemic illnesses.

Bacterial Infections: haemolytic streptococcus is the bacterium most at home in the throat. Neisseria gonorrhoea – the causative agent of gonorrhoea - is a fairly rare cause. In past times diphtheria was a common infection of the throat that killed many children. Thankfully, due to immunisation, it's much less common now.

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