Causes & Symptoms
Causes & Symptoms

The best evidence to date suggests that bacteria form the plugs in the sweat glands. These bacteria are probably normal inhabitants of the skin, and why they suddenly interfere with the free flow of sweat is not understood.

Heat rash appears suddenly and has a hot, itching, prickling sensation. Infants are more likely to get miliaria rubra than adults. Obese persons are also more susceptible to heat rash. All the sweat retention rashes are also more likely to occur in hot, humid weather.

Failure to secrete sweat can cause the body to overheat. Before the patient suffers heat stroke, there will be a period of heat exhaustion symptoms (dizziness, thirst, weakness) when the body is still effectively maintaining its normal temperature. Then the patient's temperature rises, often rapidly, to 104 or 105° F (40° C) and beyond. Heat stroke is an emergency that requires immediate and rapid cooling. The best method of treatment is immersion in ice water.

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