Breathing exercises
Breathing exercises may improve your quality of life, help reduce asthma symptoms and reduce the amount of medication needed to control your asthma. Two breathing exercises that have been studied include:

The Buteyko breathing technique. Developed in the 1950s, this method was used to treat asthma in the former Soviet Union. In recent years, it has gained popularity elsewhere. This technique teaches you to habitually breathe less. This prevents breathing too much (hyperventilation). The Buteyko technique also includes advice about relaxation and stress reduction, medication use, nutrition and general health.
The Papworth method. This sequence of relaxation and breathing techniques involves deep belly breathing (called diaphragmatic breathing), nose breathing and matching your breathing to suit whatever activity you're doing. Some evidence suggests this technique significantly reduces asthma symptoms.
While breathing exercises for asthma are gaining recognition and popularity in the United States, few experts are trained to provide instruction. If you decide to try breathing exercises, you may have to rely on instructional videos or books.
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