A remedy for food poisoning
The first thing to determine is whether indeed you are suffering from food poisoning. You would be able to do this only by consulting a doctor. If you suspect food poisoning, do not delay a trip to your doctor. This can have serious, sometimes even fatal consequences. Depending upon the severity of your condition, you may need strong medication, or even a procedure such as getting your stomach pumped in order to eliminate whatever poison may have entered your stomach. It cannot be repeated emphatically enough that a condition like food poisoning is not an ideal situation to apply simple home remedies to. The only thing that can be done is that if you have been to a doctor and are on the road to recovery from the ailment, you can adopt some remedial measures to improve your situation.

For most part, this would include increasing your immunity to a large degree. This can be done by taking daily doses of Echinacea. This herb is well known to increase your powers of immunity. It is also easily available in pill or capsule form in any shop that sells natural or organic goods.

Another excellent way to increase immunity is to take a daily dosage of Indian gooseberry. This is the richest natural source of vitamin C that is available and can be consumed in natural form if possible or in pill form. It is also available in powder form in any shop that would sell ayurvedic medicines. It should be take daily for your general health and immunity to improve.

The other way to improve upon your immune system is to exercise on a daily basis. You should know that exercise is not only an effective way of losing weight. It is also an excellent way to tone up your entire body from within as well. The best form of exercise would be Yoga or walking. It is essential to have at least an hour of exercise in your life every day. If you can split that into a half hour of walking and a half hour of Yoga, this will be the best solution. Yoga is not only excellent exercise, it will also strengthen your organs from within by making you exercise control over them. You should also drink a lot of water for at least a month after you have suffered from an attack of food poisoning in order to repeatedly keep flushing your system.
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