3 Simple Home Remedies for your Athlete’s Foot
Number 1: Cleaning

Wash your feet thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. Then add tea tree oil in the small amount of water, soak feet for 10 minutes. After that, dry your feet with a dryer, make sure that it is free from moisture. You have to ensure that it is dry because the fungus may run to a wet area, like your toenails. Worst, your toenails will be attacked by these fungus and may lead to a dead toenail.

Number 2: Medication

Garlic contains anti fungal, you may eat raw garlic or include it in your food whichever you are comfortable.
But the one of the fastest way to get rid of athlete’s foot is to put raw sliced garlic in the middle of your toes not only in the affected area and let it remain for the entire day that you are wearing your shoes.

Number 3: Prevention

Clean not only your feet every now and then but also your shoes. Wipe inside your shoes with an alcohol or an antiperspirant powder that will surely make your shoes clean and dry. Do not wear your shoes with wet feet, moisture keeps the fungus in.
Remember, Athlete's foot is contagious and to prevent from infecting your house mates, You must always have a footwear.

This Athlete’s Foot Home Remedy is useless to you if you can't resist foods that bring back the symptoms.

Eat a healthy balanced diet. Do not eat baked products that are high in yeast, this will trigger the itchiness and will make the fungus spread in an instant. You need to avoid fried and greasy food or your feet's condition will get worse.
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