10 Gout Home Remedies That Work
1. Drink Cherry Juice or eat cherries- This is my #1 secret way to vanquish gout quickly. The reason why it works is because cherries (and other berries) help to neutralize the uric acid that causes gout. They are also high in vitamin C and magnesium, two minerals that promote circulation and aid in digestion. A while back I read a study that showed that people who ate a half pound of cherries were able to lower uric acid levels down to normal in all the participants. Now, I know that that sounds like a lot of cherries but if you have ever had gout pain, you would just about eat your shoe to reduce it.

2. Aspirin- I put this on the list not because it help. While aspirin is supposed to ease pain, understand that aspirin also increase uric acid. In other words, avoid it because you may be causing more trouble than it is worth in the long run.

3. Drink lots of water- Water will help your body process the uric acid and eliminate it from your system much more quickly. If you can add high PH to your water like alko-pro, you will help neutralize the acids in your body. Frankly, if you do nothing else, make sure you get at least 2-3 liters of water a day.

4. Chlorella- Chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina all will help to alkalinize the body. It works in the same way that drinking high PH water works.

5. Hydrotherapy- If you currently have gout, a lot of people will find that running cold water over the affected joint will temporarily soothe the pain. Follow up with a cool bath.

6. Juniper Oil- Take a few drops of juniper oil and make a compress and compress the affected area. Juniper oil will help break down toxic deposits. If you are drinking water, it will help speed recovery by washing the deposits out of your system.

7. Activated Charcoal- Taking activated charcoal internally will help reduce uric acid levels found in the blood.

8. Devil's Claw- NOTE: Dont' take this herb if you have diabetes or are on a blood thinning medication- Devil's claw is another anti-inflammatory herb that will help ease the pain of metabolic arthritis. As a bonus, it also reduces uric acid buildup.

9. Garlic- Garlic is, in my opinion, the super food. In the case of gout, garlic actually inhibits the production of uric acid.

10. Thyme- It isn't just for cooking anymore! Used since the 1600's, thyme has been used by royalty to treat gout. Make a tea and you will notice immediately the anti-inflammatory properties that it contains.

These are just 10 gout home remedies. There are many more. Some are a little more involved while others are as easy as taking an herbal supplement. Of course, the best way to prevent gout is regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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