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How to Use Natural Treatment to Cure Heat Rash

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Step 1 Remove any clothing from the area of the heat rash. If you must cover the rash, choose a natural fiber will breath, such as cotton. It is important to get as much air to the heat rash as possi READ MORE

Dealing with Heat Rash - Home Remedies to Help Discomfort

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Be sure to absorb moisture on your body using a powder - goldbond works well or find one in the drugstore . You can also use baking soda. It is good to use it during the day so get a small size you ca READ MORE

Home Remedies for Curing Heat Rash

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Consult a doctor regarding any medications or over-the-counter drugs available for treating heat rash of your child or your own. Some home remedies for curing heat rash are listed here below: Mix READ MORE

Heat Rash Home Remedies

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Cooling down your body is one of the main approaches towards fighting a heat rash. Fortunately, the majority of heat rash fades away without any medical attention, while severe cases are especially in READ MORE

Heat Rash

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Cool off. "Since prickly heat occurs when the sweat ducts are blocked and sweat leaks into the skin, the only way to reverse it is to be in a situation where there is no sweating for a while," says No READ MORE

What are Home Remedies for Heat Rash?

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When you have heat rash, the first thing you must do is to cool down your body. Find an air-conditioned room where you can relax while your body cools off. Alternatively, take a cold shower or bath to READ MORE
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