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Hay Fever Supplements and Herbs


Supplements/Herbal Medicine

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Supplements Bioflavonoids (e.g., quercetin, catechin, and hesperidin) - Take 2-3 grams daily. When symptoms are severe, take up to 6 grams. Bioflavonoids are natural antihistamines and strongly anti READ MORE

Solutions for Seasonal Allergies

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SEARCHING FOR SYMPTOM RELIEF While a hardy immune system is essential for fighting allergies, it can take time to restore and rebuild all the necessary elements, especially if your lifestyle has been READ MORE

Supplements for Hay Fever

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The following supplements may help if you are suffering from Hay Fever. B group vitamins (spring time) Calcium Garlic Tablets L-methionine Multivitamin and multiminerals Pantothenic READ MORE

The Best Herbs to Fight Allergies & Hay Fever Symptoms

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Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming in parks all over the country and pollen, grass, ragweed and other allergen levels are high. So, I have some spring allergy advice.... the best way to c READ MORE

Allergies/Hay Fever

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Seasonal allergies making you miserable? There are many time tested herbal treatments that may bring you some relief. Allergies are the result of a hypersensitive immune system. With every breath we READ MORE

6 Herbs for Hay Fever

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Here are six herbal allies that can help you find natural relief from your seasonal allergies. Do be aware that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it can’t cause side effects in som READ MORE

Vitamins that may be helpful - Herbs that may be helpful

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Supplements Although vitamin C has antihistamine activity, and supplementation, in preliminary research,4, 5 has been reported to help people with hay fever, 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day did not red READ MORE
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