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Mediterranean diet 'can help beat asthma'

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A Mediterranean-style diet can significantly reduce the risk of asthma attacks, a study shows. Asthmatics who eat lots of fish, grains and fruit are up to 78 per cent less likely to suffer a worse READ MORE

Asthma & Diet

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Asthma results when triggers cause swelling of the tissues in the air passages of the lung, making it difficult to breathe. Typical symptoms of asthma include wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughi READ MORE

Asthma diet: What you eat can affect asthma symptoms

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Can foods I eat affect my asthma symptoms? Answer from James T. Li, M.D. More research is needed to fully understand the relationship between diet and asthma, but it appears that what you eat can READ MORE

Asthma and Nutrition

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The incidence of asthma has risen in the United States during the past three decades, and many researchers believe that our changing diets have something to do with it. As Americans eat fewer and fewe READ MORE

Nutrition for Asthma

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Diet Principles: * Men should follow a moderately low-fat diet, with fat calories limited to 12%. Women should have no more than 22% fat in the diet. * Reduce sugar in all forms. * READ MORE

Nutrients with Specific Benefits for Asthma Sufferers

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Fish Oil (avoid if fish allergies are suspected) Why: Anti-inflammatory Sources: According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, having fish twice a week or fish oil concentrate (capsules) are your READ MORE
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