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Home Remedy for Allergy

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The best home remedy would be a paste of sandalwood and limejuice. Apply the paste on the affected area. It will relieve you from itching and provide a soothing effect as well. Application of mash READ MORE

27 Home Remedies for Allergies

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The following home remedies are designed to help reduce the discomfort caused by the most common allergies. They may be used in combination with an allergist's treatment or, if your allergies are mild READ MORE

Allergies Home Remedies

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Allergies treatment using Nutrients Certain nutrients have been found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of allergies. Often the intake of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid brings great relief t READ MORE

Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy Relief

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Seasonal allergies affect more than 22 million Americans, with symptoms occurring anywhere from early spring through late November. If you're one of them, you could really be hit with a one-two punc READ MORE

Natural Remedies for Allergies

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Butterbur: Butterbur is another name for petasites, a shrub with huge leaves. The plant is toxic but some studies show butterbur is effective in treating allergy symptoms. Quercetin: An herbal su READ MORE
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