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Boils and carbuncles

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These measures may help the infection heal more quickly and prevent it from spreading: Apply a warm washcloth or compress to the affected area. Do this for at least 10 minutes every few hours. If READ MORE

Self-Care at Home

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If the abscess is small (less than 1 cm or less than one-half inch across), applying warm compresses to the area for about 30 minutes, four times daily may help. Do not attempt to drain the abs READ MORE

Abscesses Home Remedy Using Honey

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Directions For Use: Take 1 tbsp of Honey and apply it directly over the wound. Repeat this process once daily for 3- 4 days. Honey is dabbed on wounds because it dries out to form a natural bandag READ MORE

Home Remedies - Abscesses

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An Abscess is any accumulation of pus. This usually occurs in a body cavity and often causes swelling and inflammation. There are a lot of traditional cures for abscesses and some are stranger than READ MORE

Tooth Abscess: Effective Home Remedies

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Doctor may not be able to give you an immediate appointment. Until then, here are some home remedies if the toothache is unbearable. Mix 1/4-teaspoon of potassium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water and u READ MORE

What are Home Remedies for Skin Abscesses?

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While severe skin abscesses may require surgical treatment, the majority can be treated at home. When treating skin abscesses at home, however, it is important to begin treatment as early as possibl READ MORE

Home Remedies for Abscess

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Home Remedies are the best for Abscess. Some of the recommended home remedies are given below: Use a clean washcloth soaked in a basic of hot water to which ten drops of lavender essential oil hav READ MORE

How to Use Natural Medicine for Abscesses

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Step1 Press the juice from one small onion and five large garlic cloves. Apply a small amount of the garlic and onion juice mixture to the affected area three or four times a day to help bring the in READ MORE

How to Use Natural Medicine for Abscesses

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How to Use Natural Medicine for Abscesses by eHow Health Editor Introduction An abscess is an infection deep within the skin that causes a hard, tender and red boil. Proper treatment of abscesse READ MORE
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