Supplements for Acid Reflux
Supplements for Acid Reflux
• Protease is a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins.
• Diastase digests vegetable starch.
• Lactase breaks down lactose or milk sugars.
• Invertase is a yeast enzyme that splits sucrose into glucose and fructose.
• Lipase digests fat in the body.

Supplements for Healthy Digestion
Healthy digestion takes place while we rest, eat, sleep and work. In fact, you will only notice your digestion when something is not right. For example, when you eat something that does not agree with your body or you drink too much alcohol, you can become constipated or bloated.

Even if you do not have symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system today, it can take time for the negative effects to accumulate and begin to create health problems. It is important to take steps today to rejuvenate and maintain the health of your digestive system.

For optimum health you will not only want to maintain a healthy diet rich in fiber, exercise regularly and eat slowly, you will want to add a digestive aid supplement into your daily routine. Adding a digestive supplement into your diet will help to ensure that your digestive tract is getting the nutrients needed to work efficiently.

Here are some ingredients to look for in a digestive supplement.

• Lipase is a digestive enzymes needed to digest fat in the body.
• Papain Enzyme is a digestive enzyme that is needed to digest fat in the body.
• Papaya Enzyme helps to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Papaya is used to treat chronic diarrhea, celiac disease, gastrointestinal discomforts and intestinal parasites.
• Acidophilus is a bacteria that aids the digestion process. It is found in yogurt that has live cultures. When acidophilus is ingested, it helps restore healthy bacterial levels in the digestive system. That’s why the doctor tells you to eat yogurt when he prescribes antibiotics that kill the bacteria in our guts. We need the “good” bacteria to help us digest food, which helps us absorb nutrients, produce certain vitamins and help keep the harmful bacteria from taking over.

Take care of your digestive system by including digestive enzymes in your daily diet through supplements.

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